Google ads per click cost per cent increase in the first quarter 39%

Market research firm Covario according to a report released on Thursday, the first quarter of this year, Google ads the average CPC (cost per click) is expected to grow to 39%, reversing a previous downward trend. And Yahoo merge with Microsoft's Bing CPC is expected to grow oakley sunglasses
Covario says in his report: "CPC trend experienced over the last 6 quarters seem to have reverse. ? If Google really CPC growth in the first quarter, it will mark the reversed the declining popularity of the search giant. The company the last 5 quarters the average CPC was on a declining path. This situation can occur, from Google to shift more advertising to mobile devices, and because advertisers are still waiting to see the effect of such advertising, therefore fees paid oakleys
Google average CPC fell last quarter of 2012 6%, 15% drop in the third quarter, fell in the second quarter of 16%, 12%, fell in the first quarter. The company the last CPC an increase is also in the third quarter of 2011, when increased 5%.oakley outlet
Covario says the first quarter of this year, the global mobile ad rates have increased sharply. According to Covario calculation, average CPC of us $ 1.44 in the first quarter, Yahoo and Bing's combined average CPC of us $ 1.04. Meanwhile, according to Covario estimates Baidu CPC 36% growth in the first quarter, but only US $ 0.22. Russia search engine Yandex CPC of us $ 0.38 in the first quarter, flat with a year earlier, but far better than the fourth quarter of last year's decline.
Covario expects total global paid search spending in the first quarter of this year grew by 33%.

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