Google goggles developers how to make money?

Google on Monday released its upcoming technical specifications of the products--Google goggles, whose target audience is the wearable device development third-party services to anyone. In its terms of service, in order to draw attention to the guiding principles in bold marked out, a provision of which are: Google goggles development services do not contain any advertising or charge a fee for oakleys
And Google it as starting a search engine in the mid 90 's history there are similarities. At that time, Google has completely abandoned Yahoo and AOL (formerly United States online) of the advertising-supported Web portal functions. Although this seemed counter-intuitive, but Google's commitment to let the people in free, without ads interfere with the use of its search tool. It then through the use of features such as AdWord keyword advertising to earn billions of dollars, and killer apps such as Google maps, into a subtle advertising oakley sunglasses
We might run Google goggles and service (called Glassware, namely glasses) seen in similar situations. Google has begun to each US $ 1500 price paid by those developers, and Google goggles "seeker" project members to distribute this product. Google goggles is expected in the end of 2013 to lower prices to sell to the public, providing independent network services, and runs in conjunction with existing applications on Android mobile phones.oakley outlet

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